Using  a Cloud Service has many advantages:

  • Cost effective: Cloud services are rented by the month or year, this reduces your capital expenditure and allows you to use your cash flow more effectively.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Products such as G Suite (the new name for Google Apps for Business) are designed to allow collaboration by staff and to help communication.  Staff can work on the same documents, spreadsheets and presentations as if they are in the same room on on opposite sides of the world.
  • Scalable: Have a growing business or one that is susceptible to seasonal highs and lows?  Cloud systems move with you business, need more functionality or users? add it as and when required and remove it when you don’t.  Pay for what you use.
  • Integration: Cloud systems have been design to integrate with other systems, connecting your sales function to your accounting function is a breeze.
  • Secure: Whilst your data may be located external to your business its security is not an issue.  Economies of scale means your data is held in locations much more physically secure than you can  offer and the level of expertise in encrypting, partioning and backing up your data means that in the unlikely event your data is accessed it is unusable.
  • Mobile: Cloud service suppliers have realised the importance of being able to work anywhere and on any device so this functionality has been designed in from the start to make sure your working process is streamlined and effective where ever you are and whatever device you are using.
  • Enterprise level system: Again economies of scale allows the Cloud service suppliers to deliver enterprise level functionality that SME’s could only dream of and afford a few years ago.


What is the Cloud?

 How Can We Help

  • General Cloud Consultancy: Looking to move to the cloud but do not know where to start.  We will come and discuss your requirements with you and help select the correct services for your business.
  • Cloud Setup: The initial setup is important, get this right and your implementation will run a lot smoother.
  • Data Migration: But what about all your existing data? This is not just a case of move everything, sometimes it may be better to leave some data behind.  We can discuss the options with you and help migrate the data to your chosen cloud service.
  • Training: Making sure your staff are at ease with the new systems from the start is important, pre implementation training is vital to help this go smoothly.
  • On going support:  Just because you have moved to the cloud it does not mean you will not need support.  Cloud services have been designed to be easy to maintain and support but there may be times when you need to focus on your business or you feel out of your depth.  We are here to help!

Next Step

Give us a call to discuss your needs or even identify systems that may benefit from moving to the cloud yourself.  Your email is a good place to start, are you able to share mailboxes and calendars? Does your CRM system do everything you want it to do?  Accounting is also starting to come through as a great cloud based service, not only allowing remote staff to add their own time sheets etc but also it allows your accountant to work on the same data as you and not have to double enter everything. What about backups? do you backup your data and do you take it off site, Cloud based backup systems are working all the time and your data is safely stored offsite.

There are numerous other functions such as your telephones systems, Projects, HR and even your niche ‘one of a kind’ applications can be taken to the cloud.

What are you waiting for, get in contact!