Cloud Services

Our CloudHelpers service can help you run your business in the Cloud

Zoho Consultancy

Do you already have Zoho, we can help you take it further.

Bespoke Software Development

Are you unique? Can’t find the right software to run your business, bespoke software may be the solution

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we stay in-tune with emerging technology and apply it where it’s needed to deliver a better business in terms of growth, productivity, profits and service delivery

Our Services

We have four main services we offer our clients:


Thinking about moving your business into the cloud? Relativity can help you choose the correct Cloud service for you, help implement and integrate it and then offer the on going backup.


New to Zoho or need a helping hand to make it even more useful in your orgnisation, we can help with one off or regular support.


Are you unique? Can't find the right software to run your business, a bespoke software solution may be cheaper and better than anything you could find off the shelf.


Need some one to keep charge of your IT but do not want to employ an IT Director, then our vCTO service could be the service for you.

Is Zoho One Too Good To Be True?

Simply imagine getting all the software you need to run your business from a single company, just like you get all the channels from a particular TV provider. You just pay for the bundle. Well, Zoho One does exactly that, a single bundle for your business software and...

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How Your Business Can Benefit From The Cloud

Benefit From The Cloud Here we look at how your business can benefit from the cloud. Moving to the cloud is actually becoming the norm as cloud computing increases the efficiency of businesses and is cost effective. Irrespective of the size of your company - cloud...

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Are you happy with your desktop email?

Are you happy with your desktop email?   You are probably quite familiar with Microsoft Outlook – of course, it’s the largest and best- known email application out there!   However, there are many others - some you may have heard of but some you might not have done.  ...

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