vCTO / Interim IT Director Services

Looking to drive your business forward using Technology but lack the time to understand business technology and what it holds for the future, at Relativity we have successfully helped our clients use technology to expand their businesses and market place by helping them think about technology strategically.

A core part of a business is its business plan, these are often well written and show an underlying extensive knowledge of the industry that the business works in, they often go into great depth about strengths and weaknesses of the business and the authors will often accept that technology is an important part of their business yet many businesses over look how technology works in the business and the opportunity and edge that technology may give a business, an interim IT Director can help bring technology into the business plan.

Our vCTO (virtual Chief Technology Officer/ Interim IT Director) service is flexible adapting to the clients needs, we are happy to work on an irregular informal basis through to board levels presentations and regular meetings. This allows our clients to call on us when they need us making our input more cost effective than a fully time employee.

Example of what we can offer;

  • Board representation.
  • Helping your business understand future technology.
  • Supplier/system selection.
  • Project based work.
  • Regular meetings
  • Irregular meetings

Whether you are looking for an ad-hoc irregular conversation or a more formal representation at board level Contact Us to discuss your interim IT Director needs.