Bespoke Software Development

Are you unique?. Does no one work like you do or do you work in a very niche market? This can mean that the business solution you require to drive the business forward is just not available, what you may be surprised about is that a piece of bespoke software developed just for you could be cost effective for your business.

A number of our clients have this problem which has led them to our door to discuss a bespoke software solution, during our first, free of charge, discussions we identify the problems our clients are facing, their specific needs and their ideals, from this we can work our a rough estimate of cost and if agreeable we can then work with the client to produce a full specification and a final cost for the bespoke development.

With our clients in East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent and the South East of England we work with their staff at all levels to develop bespoke software solutions for administration and workflow systems to help them leverage their investments in technology.

Our software solutions need not be and are often not whole systems as we develop ‘middleware’ and integration systems designed to integrate existing systems, transporting and manipulating data between front office and back-office systems.  Our systems often incorporate reporting and data extraction routines allowing our clients to make the best use of the data that their systems store.

We can work with numerous technologies when developing our bespoke software to suit our clients and the specific requirement, these include.

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