Organisations, especially those that are smaller and on a high growth strategy, need systems, processes and technologies that don’t inhibit growth. At the same time they also need reliable platforms that can cope with that growth – and keep none-core distractions to an absolute minimum.

Relativity has spent the last 17 years working with companies just like this. Professional, insightful, experienced and confident, we stay in-tune with emerging technology and apply it where it’s needed to deliver a better business in terms of growth, productivity, profits and service delivery. An aligned approach is defined and mapped out, along with practical milestones and objectives. We see this simply as a critical business process, and treat the risks and rewards with respect and ambition.

As a Business Technology Specialist organisation, we have been deliberate in keeping our structure lean to keep our fixed costs and non-core distractions low, and our touch to the market and new technology high and sensitive. Working from our South East UK offices we can reach the world, but recognize our value is maintained if we stay physically close to our clients and their systems and technology – and perhaps most importantly, those people who work with them day-to-day.

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