Gordon Mankelow

Gordon Mankelow

I am commercial. I am also a Business Technology Specialist.

These two are not common bedfellows, but I think they need to be if technology, process, and systems are to become part of the practical fabric of any successful business.

You can see my technical specialties below, but first and foremost, I know the right commercial questions to ask, so that the need is clear and the return on the capital investment understood and defined.

I am practiced at practical Project Management. I see things with structure and form and know how to communicate that at all levels. Getting the support of the business owners at the same time as gaining the trust of the users is central to successful execution.

Rather than just listen to what are just words, I’ll quote from my own objective psychometric assessment:

“You are the rock that holds things together. You are steady, organized and reliable…….With a talent for creating order, you typically display a high level of quality in your work and can focus until your goal is accomplished….Both stable and conscientious, you can be counted on to do the job right first time”

And for those of you who need to understand my technical specialities:

Android, iOS, Mobile Technology, .Net 2008, .Net 2005,  VB 6, ASP.Net, SQL-Server, MS – Office Integration, Zoho, Salesforce Netsuite, CRM, SFA, SaaS
IT and Business Strategy for financial and service based institutions.
Workflow and business process software. Administration and valuation software.
Industries: HR, recruitment Agency, Solicitor, Engineering, Finance


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any query you may have: