This is an integrated suite combining collaboration, productivity and communication tools, providing cloud storage for the whole of your workforce. Zoho Workplace includes email, messaging, document management, chat, video conferencing and a cloud office suite for shared file storage. With Zoho Workplace you get 9 different apps incorporated into one workspace, which all work seamlessly with each other. That means there is no conflict between your emails and accounting software and every possible function of your business is covered. In this article from Relativity, the business technology specialists based in East Sussex with global clients, we look at the apps included in the package in a little more detail and why you should invest in a productivity suite for your business. 

Zoho Workplace Apps

Zoho Workplace is made up of 3 suites:

Create, Collaborate and Communicate with Zoho Workplace

The office suite contains the tools used to ‘create’ including Zoho Writer for word processing, Zoho Sheet for spreadsheets and Zoho Show for visual presentations. Zoho WorkDrive is in the collaboration suite and this will allow you to store documents, spreadsheets, images, audio files and videos. Also included is Zoho ShowTime, which makes web training simple and interactive and with Zoho Meeting, you’ll be able to carry out web conferencing from wherever you are. Communication is made easy with the mail suite, which comprises Zoho Mail and Zoho Cliq, with the latter allowing you to make audio or video calls as well as getting instant updates on your projects. The third element is Zoho Connect with which you can build social networks within your company.

Why use an office suite?

  • Prioritises important tasks and makes everyday tasks more efficient
  • Personnel can work from anywhere to ensure continuity
  • Tasks and processes are simplified
  • Increased productivity
  • A more open and communicative environment is created
  • Cost efficient as saves time and money

Working from home made easy

A productivity suite will enable your team to create professional quality documents, presentations, graphics and a whole lot more. All the applications are integrated and so data and work can be accessed within the platform. And of course one of the biggest advantages is that employees can easily work from home and collaborate with each other, even though they are miles apart.

How can Relativity help your business become more efficient and productive?

If you would like your workforce to be more productive so they spend more time with clients rather than working out how to share a document, please get in touch with the experts at Relativity. We can advise you on Zoho Workplace and other Zoho products to streamline your business to give it an edge over your competitors. Why not get started today? Call us on 01825 280123 or email for more information.

Zoho Remotely is now FREE until 1st November 2020.

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