This could be a great tool for your sales department. Zoho describes SalesIQ as online live chat, website visitor tracking software and analytics rolled into one platform. It is suitable for companies of all sizes and it will allow you to grab statistical data to improve your business performance and find new opportunities. Here we look at Zoho SalesIQ in more detail so that you can discover if it would be a good acquisition for your business.

Benefits Of Zoho SalesIQ

  • Integrates with Zoho CRM
  • Connects to third-party systems
  • Flexible pricing schemes and a free version
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simple to set-up and use
  • Can be easily customised
  • Well-designed dashboard
  • Suitable for businesses of all sizes

Data About Your Customers

You will be able to obtain all types of data about your website users including their location, the number of times they have visited your site, their frequency, as well as the time they spend on there. This could really help you to decide how valuable a particular customer might be to you and thus help with your marketing strategy. Zoho SalesIQ allows you to speak to customers in real-time, which is a great advantage as this gives you the opportunity to make a sale and customers will come away with a positive view of your brand.

Integration With Zoho CRM And Other Sales And Marketing Apps

By integrating with Zoho CRM, you will be able to see all previous customer activities as all of the information is loaded automatically, which will save lots of time. You will also be able to share any offers you have at the moment with customers and the easy customisation of SalesIQ will allow you to load your logo or perhaps a welcome message in the colours of your choice.

Capabilities of Zoho SalesIQ

  • Displays multiple types of information
  • Allows you to help customers in real-time
  • Measures site traffic
  • Captures lead data
  • Quickly monitors customer actions
  • Tracks the number of site visitors
  • Provides detailed analytics of site visits

Packages To Suit Your Business And Your Budget

As with all Zoho products, Zoho SalesIQ comes in 4 great packages including the Free plan, which includes 2 operators and allows you to have 100 chat sessions per month and 30 days storage. This is followed by the Basic package, which includes 3 operators, 1,000 chat sessions, and enables you to track and engage with 10,000 visitors each month. The Professional version includes 5 operators and unlimited chat sessions and the Enterprise plan includes 10 operators as well as enabling you to track and engage with 200,000 visitors a month.

What To Do Next

Zoho has a number of Sales and Marketing Apps including Forms, Sign, Survey, Campaigns and Sites. Our experts at Relativity based in Uckfield in East Sussex will be able to advise you on all of these and also on whether Zoho SalesIQ could really help your business. Call us on 01825 280123 or email or more information.

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