Zoho as always, is ahead of the game and has responded quickly to the Coronavirus and fears of people having to self-isolate and is offering a complete suite of apps so that you can communicate, collaborate and work away from your office. In this article from Relativity, the business technology specialists helping clients globally from their base in East Sussex, we not only look at what is included in the Zoho Remotely package, but also the advantages of working remotely and why it might be worth considering in the future for your business.

Communication, Collaboration, Remote Assistance and Productivity With Zoho Remotely

Zoho are offering you a complete suite of web and mobile apps, eleven in total, to cover all elements of your business. We’ve given you lots of information about the different apps in previous blogs, and so to find out more, click on the links.

Communicate From Anywhere and Meet Online

Zoho Cliq, Zoho Meeting and Zoho ShowTime

You will be able to communicate effectively, quickly and reliably whatever you are doing including training sessions, team meetings, client calls and sales presentations. Zoho Cliq will serve as the central hub for your work, so that you can organise a video or audio call with your team and share files and convert messages to tasks. Scheduling meetings across multiple time zones is simple with Zoho Meeting and Zoho ShowTime will allow you to conduct online training courses and receive feedback.

Seamless Collaboration In Any Time Zone

Zoho WorkDrive, Zoho Projects and Zoho Sprints

It is imperative to work as a team from wherever you are in the world, which means planning and overseeing projects, assigning and prioritising tasks and allocating resources. Zoho WorkDrive will let you create team drives, share documents and collaborate in real time. Launching projects is straightforward with Zoho Projects enabling you to track the progress of a task easily and with Zoho Sprints, you can create customised scrum boards and incorporate live feedback.

Remote Assistance

Zoho Assist and Zoho Lens

You will be there for your customers as you understand live issues and share files to answer their questions and resolve any problems they may have. With Zoho Assist you can use multiple devices to contact not only your customers, but your staff as well, giving as the name suggests, assistance from wherever you are. For discovering what your customer is seeing, clicking and annotating images, and obtaining deeper insights – Zoho Lens is the software that you need.

Boosting Productivity

Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet and Zoho Show

These are designed for collaboration and so you can undertake tasks such as drafting blogs, analysing spreadsheets and preparing slide decks. Creating, sharing and editing documents can be carried out effortlessly with Zoho Writer and why not use the advanced functions of Zoho Sheet to manage spreadsheets and analyse data? If you want to create a powerful presentation, Zoho Show is just the software for you.

What Is Working Remotely?

More and more workers are choosing to work remotely away from the traditional office environment, so that they can carry out their tasks and projects literally anywhere they choose to be, including their home office or a coworking space. Some choose a day per week away from the office, others more. Zoho Remotely is the perfect package for those working in this way and working remotely does have many benefits.

  • Freedom and flexibility
  • No travelling required
  • Better health and wellness
  • Personal and family commitments can be carried out
  • Staff can live anywhere
  • Cost savings to employer and employees
  • Higher productivity

What Relativity Can Do To Help You and Your Team To Work Remotely

For more information about Zoho Remotely and whether it would help your business in these uncertain times, contact our experts who can advise you on all of the Zoho apps included in the bundle. Call us on 01825 280123 or email info@relativity.co.uk for more information.

Learn more about Zoho Remotely on the official product page or sign up to Zoho Remotely here: