Zoho People Plus is a complete online Human Resources (HR) suite. It is a set of handpicked integrations, which can be found in one bundle or suite that is designed to empower your workforce and your HR teams. It’s no secret that great staff management improves productivity and with Zoho People Plus, you have everything from onboarding, attendance management, time tracking and expense reporting. You can actually act as your own HR department and keep track of everything involved with staff. In the latest article from Relativity, the business technology specialists, based in East Sussex, we look at the bundle in more detail to help you decide if it would work for your business.

Apps in the Zoho People Plus bundle

Manage all activities relating to your employees

Keeping track of every element of your employees’ needs and productivity is made simple with Zoho People Plus. This starts right from the employee onboarding process all the way through their time with your company. You will be able to keep track of timesheets, payroll, benefits, personal details and contacts.

  • Simple implementation and customisation
  • Fully integrated and scalable
  • Onboarding capabilities
  • Learning Management System (LMS)

What can Zoho People Plus do for your business?

From a single dashboard, you can manage all of your HR administration actions knowing all employee data is secure. You’ll be able to track time, annual leave and attendance, which will eliminate errors and timesheets can be created with ease. Employee strengths and weaknesses can be identified as you set goals, give feedback and review performance.

With this brilliant bundle, you can automate mail alerts, create tasks, initiate automatic field updates and build custom applications. By configuring intelligent workflows, you’ll find that you can use your time wisely and more productively. Customisation allows you to create custom forms for the information you need to fit your business requirements.

How can Relativity help you decide if Zoho People Plus is right for your business?

Finances Online awarded Zoho People its Expert Choice Award for 2019. To learn more about the Zoho People Plus bundle, get in touch with the business technology experts at Relativity based in Uckfield, East Sussex. We’ll be able to advise you if this particular bundle will streamline your HR and make it more effective and efficient. Call us on 01825 280123 or email info@relativity.co.uk for more information on Workplace, Remotely, CRM Plus, Creator Plus and Finance Plus.

A unified HR platform for a seamless employee experience.


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