Zoho Orchestly is Zoho’s centralised Business Process Management (BPM) tool, which has been designed to automate and optimise tasks. Orchestly puts task boards, scheduling apps and collaboration platforms in one location making your life easier. It is code-free, which means any new users will be able to quickly use the platform efficiently and effectively. In the latest article from Relativity, based in Uckfield, we look at what Orchestly is, we define projects versus processes, how you can use it and what it can do for your business as well as the pricing structure. 

Defining Projects V Processes

Many businesses often have to do the same thing repeatedly and many turn to project management but even the word itself is incorrect as a project means something unique, which hasn’t been done before, whereas a process is something that is performed over and over again. So these repetitive processes should be managed in an entirely different way – don’t fall into the trap of managing your processes with project management solutions, as you really do need a specific BPM tool.

Benefits Of Orchestly

  • Automate, run and optimise business workflows
  • Can be used across different sectors including Operations, Marketing, IT or Finance processes
  • Track work in real time
  • Monitor daily workflows
  • One platform for team collaboration
  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • Effective capture of data

Creating A Process

Layouts and Blueprints are the key components of Orchestly with Layouts collecting data throughout the process and Blueprints outlining the actual flow of the same process. The next part is Jobs, which follow the workflow that has been identified in the Blueprint and finally Reporting, so that productivity can be quantified and any problems identified.

Reports, Charts And Analysis

  • Blueprint Usage Report
  • Job Distribution Chart
  • Stage Duration Chart
  • Stage Utilisation Chart
  • Blueprint Duration Analysis

These look at and analyse processes including identifying bottlenecks in order to paint a clear picture of possible sticking points, which users have the biggest workloads, the time taken at each stage of a process and which tasks take the longest time to complete.

Orchestly Pricing Options

Zoho Orchestly is now part of Zoho One along with Zoho MarketingHub. However, as a separate package, it does come with a free 15-day trial and following that monthly and annual subscriptions are available which are priced per user. Both options have the same elements including form designer, workflow builder, custom functions, email templates and role-based access control although it is more economical to pay the annual subscription.


Zoho’s Orchestly will be appealing to any business, irrespective of size, that requires a business management platform to automate, manage and optimise channels for their teams. It is designed for workflow management and business process automation and allows you to create workflows that relate to your sector and your team and your business.

What To Do Next

Our experts at Relativity, a bespoke software development company based in Uckfield in East Sussex will be able to advise you on Zoho Orchestly and whether it could really help your business by plotting out workflows and managing internal processes. Call us on 01825 280123 or email info@relativity.co.uk for more information.