If you are thinking of using Zoho software, you will want to ensure Zoho complies with the UK Data Protection Laws post-Brexit. Since leaving the EU on December 31, 2021, the UK is no longer regulated domestically by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Relativity is a Zoho Authorised Partner and Certified Zoho Developer, which means we always stay on top of emerging technology. We can then suggest the best solutions for your business, which can be applied to help your company in terms of growth, productivity, profits and service delivery. As business technology specialists, we want our software recommendations to be fully compliant with the UK’s data protection laws. In this article, we explain what Zoho has put into place to ensure it is fully compliant.

The background to GDPR

GDPR provided the new framework for Europe’s data protection laws and replaced the 1995 data protection directive. After leaving Europe, the UK now has its own version known as the UK-GDPR (United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation). This took effect on January 31, 2020. It runs alongside the Data Protection Act of 2018 and the PECR and governs all processing of personal data from individuals located inside the United Kingdom. The UK-GDPR is almost completely identical to the EU’s GDPR. It means your website must obtain consent from users before processing their personal data via cookies and third-party trackers. Consent must be stored safely and documented. Once you have the consent, users must be able to change this consent easily.  

How does Zoho ensure it complies with the UK’s data protection regulations?

Zoho complies with the UK Data Protection Laws post-Brexit and has implemented a few additional obligations.

Registration with the ICO: 

Organisations that process personal data of individuals in the UK have to pay an annual data protection fee. This requires registration with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Zoho has registered with the ICO and has paid the required data protection fee.

Appointment of a local representative in the UK: 

Since Zoho Corporation B.V. is a Dutch company, it is required to appoint a local representative in the UK. The appointed person can be contacted by email at representative.uk@zohocorp.com.

Privacy Policy for UK data subjects/customers: 

A separate Privacy Policy for customers and data subjects from the UK has been published by Zoho. This is an adaption of the company’s General Privacy Policy that includes small changes necessary to ensure Zoho complies with the UK data protection laws post-Brexit.

Registration of DPO with the ICO: 

Zoho’s global Data Protection Officer has been registered with the ICO. Any questions to the DPO can be raised by emailing dpo@zohocorp.com.

How can Relativity help you digitally transform your business with Zoho software?

Relativity is an Authorised Zoho Partner and Certified Zoho Developer and as such can help you implement their software systems. You may be new to Zoho or you might just want a helping hand so that the Zoho products are more beneficial to your business. If you are looking to digitally transform your marketing, HR, accounts, finance or storing customer data, please get in touch with Relativity, the business technology specialists based in Sussex with worldwide clients. With Zoho, you can have every confidence that Zoho complies with the UK Data Protection Laws post-Brexit. For more information, please contact us on +44 1825 280123.

If you have further questions about Zoho’s privacy practices and compliance with the UK data protection laws, you can reach out to Zoho’s Privacy Team by emailing privacy@zohocorp.com.