Zoho’s ClickSend allows you to send and receive all your business communications easily and efficiently. The software has SMS at its core and integration with Zoho CRM creates a powerful and simple communication channel. SMS marketing is now a very potent tool to connect with your leads prospects and customers. You might say that you are literally in your customers’ pockets. The results are more interactions, more engagements and more sales. In this article, Relativity the business technology specialists in East Sussex, with clients worldwide, explores what ClickSend is and its benefits to your company.

What is Zoho ClickSend?

ClickSend is a multichannel business communications platform that offers SMS, MMS, Voice, Fax, Email and Postcard communications. Simply integrate Zoho CRM with ClickSend to send your text messages, voice messages, and more. Zoho states ClickSend has a 98% open rate with 90% being read in the first three minutes. This is much higher than an email open rate. Did you know that an email takes 47 minutes on average to be opened compared with the three minutes of an SMS message?

How can Zoho ClickSend help your business?

  • Send and receive SMS messages from your customer database in Zoho CRM
  • Send an SMS instantly or schedule it for a specific time
  • View the complete SMS history of customers and leads
  • Include event reminders and alerts

Benefits of Zoho ClickSend

Click Send is a bulk SMS gateway which allows you to do the following:

  • Send SMS follow-ups to close sales more quickly
  • Recover lost sales from unread emails
  • Send personalised or bulk text messages to prospects
  • Strengthen customer relationships through surveys and promotional messages
  • Send personalised messages and have conversations with two-way SMS
  • Better customer communication leading to higher customer satisfaction

How can Relativity help you with your SMS messaging?

If you are looking to connect and communicate with your customers across multiple channels quickly and easily, Zoho ClickSend is the app for you. Professional text messaging is certainly on the rise and you will need a reliable SMS platform to make the most of this growing trend. Zoho offers a FREE trial so that you can try before you buy. Businesses that will benefit from Zoho ClickSend include hospitality, sporting associations, retail businesses, marketing and advertising agencies, IT, E-commerce and more. Call the specialists at Relativity on +44 1825 280123 or email info@relativity.co.uk to find out more.