Are you confused about which software you should use to run your business? There are a lot of software companies to choose from and making a decision as to who offers the best solutions for your business is tough, as they all sound pretty good and their sales pitches are persuasive. One thing is clear, you really do want the most efficient and cost-effective software for your business. But how do you know? One way to find out is to speak to a business technology company that knows what they are talking about, one that cuts out the jargon so that you understand exactly what’s on offer, such as Relativity, a Business Technology Specialist and a Zoho Authorised Partner with Zoho Certifications. Gordon Mankelow has been at the helm of Relativity for 25 years and chose Zoho products because not only do they offer serious software, but also it is a private company driven by the needs of its customers.

Zoho places its emphasis on product development and customer support

Today, Zoho is one of the most popular software and cloud service companies in the world, and was started by Sridhar Vembu, a man born into a very modest middle class family from Chennai. Zoho is a private company with a public vision with an emphasis on product development and customer support rather than sales and marketing. Vembu refuses to take venture capital, is not interested in his considerable net worth and is more driven by helping people, including setting up a comprehensive programme to hiring high school students. You could say, people before profit.

Why choose Zoho products?

  • Commitment to continuous refinement
  • Dedication to improving the customer experience
  • Emphasis on product development and customer support
  • Affordable prices and great value
  • Priority on privacy – no ads within the products

Zoho brands itself as “Serious Software, Friendly Company”. The company is quite candid in its admission that it loves building beautiful software but thinks its people and the company culture are its most important assets. Its portfolio of products has been built with patience and anticipation with the complete range available under one integrated suite, Zoho One.

How Zoho has been helping during COVID-19

  • The Zoho Remotely suite has been offered for free for 6 months, until September 1st
  • A payment holiday was offered for customers using Zoho
  • The Small Business Emergency Subscription Assistance Programme (ESAP) was set up with Zoho software free for 3 months
  • Partners offered free training on Zoho apps

Free training and Zoho Certifications to Zoho partners

Gordon took advantage of the offer and earned the following Zoho certifications and accreditations:

  • Certified Analytics Associate
  • Level 1 Certified CRM Administrator
  • Certified Assist Associate
  • Certified Creator Developer – Professional Level
  • Desk Certified Associate
  • Projects Certified Associate
  • Campaigns Certified Email Marketer

What Relativity can do to help you and your team?

This extensive list of Zoho certifications demonstrates that Relativity is really qualified to give you great advice on Zoho software products and whether they would help your business in these uncertain times.  Contact our very qualified experts who can advise you on this and whether Zoho apps would be the most cost-effective solution for your business. Call 01825 280123 or email for more information.

Read more about Zoho on their website here.

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