Zoho Assist – Simple and Fast Remote Support For IT Troubleshooting

Zoho Assist is a secure and reliable online remote support tool, which easily integrates with the Zoho suite of apps. Now, connecting with your clients doesn’t have to be face to face, and in many cases this would be impossible, due to their location and perhaps the sheer weight of numbers. Today, with a remote support device, it doesn’t matter how far away your customers are or how many you have, you can still take care of their business IT needs. Your customers will appreciate it and remote support should be good for you too, as it may take away some stress and anxiety and bring a touch of sanity into your workday life. And don’t forget, you can even use it within your own IT department. Zoho Assist could make your job a lot easier and be the remote support tool that you are looking for.

Responding To Client Issues When They Need It

In this article from Relativity, the business technologist specialists based in Uckfield in East Sussex, we look at why you should be offering remote support to your clients and the benefits of Zoho Assist. You could soon be resolving any issues quickly and efficiently with this feature rich application eradicating delayed support even in places where there is a slow Internet connection.  

What Is Remote Support?

It helps you to access the desktop of your customers remotely and you can also manage unattended computers easily. In a nutshell, you can quickly and simply control one PC from another with the software being installed on the remote computer, the host, as well as on any computer that you want to access, the client.

Why Use An Online Remote Support?

  • Efficient and cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Convenient for the client and your business
  • Work from home and out of office hours
  • Fast response to any issues

Long journeys visiting your clients could soon be a thing of the past as you resolve all their IT issues by way of a quick phone call. Naturally, there’s less wear and tear on your vehicle, no fuel costs and it’s environmentally better, as you are not adding to greenhouse gas emissions. It will also avoid any wasted journeys such as arriving at a time that is not convenient for your client and let’s face it, some clients don’t really want you there. You may also be able to work from home cutting out the journey time to the office and you can contact overseas clients at times that work for them. Your clients will really appreciate the fast response time.    

Benefits Of Zoho Assist

  • No prior installation is required
  • Simple and easy connection
  • 2-way screen sharing
  • Built-in file transfer
  • Cross platform support available
  • Supports all major web-proxies and firewalls
  • Free plan available

A Host of Features With Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is packed with features such as file transfer, voice and video chat and remote devices can be rebooted without losing your connection. The software can also auto-detect if multiple monitors are being used and display according to preferences. Sessions can be recorded for monitoring and quality purposes and remote computers can be grouped according to their function, location and parameters. Training can be carried out through screen sharing and video conferencing and other meetings can be conducted remotely.

What To Do Next

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient online remote support tool to help your customers through web-based, on-demand remote support sessions, our experts at Relativity based in Uckfield in East Sussex will be able to advise you on whether Zoho Assist would work for your business. We can also help with other Zoho IT software including Zoho Desk and Zoho Mobile Device Manager Plus. Call us today on 01825 280123 for a without obligation chat or email info@relativity.co.uk