Marketing software aims to make the marketer’s role simpler, faster, more efficient and effective. It helps guide a customer through the sales pipeline from awareness to interest to decision-making to action. Workflows can be organised and optimised allowing your team to work in a structured way. The Internet has changed how we market our products and services and it dictates that we adopt a scientific approach. Naturally, there are many elements to your business but strong marketing will help your business succeed and that’s where marketing software can lend you a big helping hand in increased marketing ROI and overall growth. In this article from Relativity, the business technology experts with a base in East Sussex, we look at firstly what marketing software is, why you should use it, the types available and how it will help with better lead generation and personalisation of a prospect’s journey.  

What is marketing software?

It refers to the tools you need to help your business run successful marketing campaigns. It will assist you in finding and then tapping into your target markets, finding leads, which you can convert into sales. Irrespective of the size of your business, marketing software will allow you to make the most of your resources and eliminate those time consuming repetitive manual tasks. It can help you with social media management, email marketing, SMS, content, customer relationships and web analytics.

Why use marketing software?

  • Reduces repetitive and tedious tasks
  • Coordinates programmes in one easy to manage platform
  • Removes human error – improved accountability
  • Easier customer management
  • Assesses the effectiveness of your strategies
  • Determines how to improve campaigns in the future
  • Sets you apart from the competition

Generation of better leads

There are many steps between marketing and point of sale. By automating the process, it will give your team fewer repetitive tasks so they can focus on overall strategy and nurturing leads. A detailed picture of a prospect can be established through tracking their path through your website and understanding their interests. These insights will enable you to customise any follow up to a potential client.

Personalisation of the customer journey

You do need to get the right content to a prospect at the right time. Automation will determine what is working for you. Are some emails being opened and clicked more than others? Which posts are performing the best on your social media channels in terms of website visits and other actions? The data collected will effectively qualify the leads before they are passed on to your sales team.

How can Relativity help you with your marketing software?

How you market your company is vital to its success. Using the most suitable marketing automation tools for your business will make the measuring and targeting tasks that much easier. If you are looking to have better control of your lead pipeline, increase conversion rates and provide a better journey for your clients, you will need the scientific approach of marketing software. Software should be based on the needs of your business. Therefore, you will need to ask yourself, or Relativity which marketing software you need to best meet your sales goals, build customer relationships and naturally deliver great products. If you would like to talk to the business technology specialists at Relativity, please call on 01825 280123 or email for more information.

Next time Relativity will be discussing Zoho Marketing Automation in more detail, the popular cloud based marketing automation solution, which will help your business manage their marketing activities across multiple channels.