In our previous article we covered the topic of choosing the best apps for your business and the criteria that you should use to select the right software. If you have decided that a suite of software would offer the best value to your business rather than individual standalone apps, we outline the various bundles that Zoho offer to meet your requirements. Most application bundles offer a FREE trial. All are aimed at increasing your sales and revenue, gaining customers and enhancing customer relations. In this article from Relativity, we highlight each package to help you to decide which application bundle is right for your business.

Zoho One – one operating system for your entire business

This comprehensive application bundle contains all the apps you could possibly need to run your company. And that means over 40 apps to cover all of your sales, marketing, support, HR, and accounting processes as well as your operations, so that you can manage internal and customer-facing projects. You’ll be able to reach your customers, grow your sales, balance your books and work in productive and efficient ways at a remarkable price.

Price and Apps included in Zoho One

Zoho CRM Plus – enhances the customer experience

Zoho CRM Plus is a unified customer experience platform suitable for businesses of all sizes. If you are looking to provide an enhanced customer experience, this is the right choice for you. It will allow you to streamline customer-facing operations by connecting sales, marketing and support. Customer experience is provided across channels including phone, email, live chat, surveys and social media where teams can have access to a shared database for team communication. 

Price and Apps included in CRM Plus

Zoho Creator Plus – an integrated package for your IT development

This is a low-code automation platform to create, integrate and extend business apps. Data can be connected from a wide range of apps to establish tight integrations, derive insights and automate processes. Interactive builders can be used to create forms, workflows and pages. You can get started with readymade apps or you can use the native script builder to establish complex workflows. Creator Plus will minimise manual work. Zoho describes the bundle as “One integrated package to supercharge your IT development.”

Price and Apps included in Creator Plus

Zoho Workplace – collaborate, create and communicate

The Zoho Workplace application bundle will help you to collaborate, create and communicate with your teams. It includes email, messaging, document management, chat, video conferencing and a cloud office suite for shared file storage. You can prioritise important tasks and make everyday tasks more efficient. A more open and communicative environment is created making working from home really easy.

Price and Apps included in Zoho Workplace

Zoho Finance Plus – taking care of all your business financial aspects

Each of the apps caters to a particular aspect of financially running your business. Invoice will allow you to create professional invoices and reminders and with Books you can keep track of your finances. Growing your business is simplified with Inventory and Subscriptions offers a comprehensive billing service. As the name suggests, Expense automates expense report generation and Checkout is a comprehensive payment portal.

Price and Apps included in Zoho Finance Plus

Zoho Remotely – a complete suite to cover all aspects of your business

This application bundle is a complete suite of web and mobile apps to cover all elements of your business. The suite of apps will allow you to communicate anywhere and meet online with whatever you want to do including training sessions, team meetings, client calls and sales presentations. Seamless collaboration is all made possible so that projects can be planned and monitored, tasks can be prioritised and resources allocated. Remote assistance is also possible so that you are there for your customers as you understand live issues and share files to answer their questions and resolve any problems they may have. Productivity will also be boosted as you can undertake tasks such as drafting blogs, analysing spreadsheets and preparing slide decks.

Price and Apps included in Remotely

Zoho People Plus – the HR platform for a seamless employee experience

Here you have a unified Human Resources (HR) platform for a seamless employee experience. Self-service options are included for travel requests, internal collaboration, and time and absence updates. As your business grows, the software scales up to suit your requirements. It comes with Zia, Zoho’s AI assistant, which allows automation of routine tasks with employees being kept in the loop to increase productivity.

Price and Apps included in Zoho People Plus (far right of the table)

How can Relativity help you choose the right application bundle for your business?

To learn more about the Zoho application bundles, get in touch with the business technology experts at Relativity based in Uckfield, East Sussex. We’ll be able to advise you which package will streamline your business and make it more effective and efficient and help you to achieve your goals and increase profits. Call us on 01825 280123 or email for more information on Workplace, Remotely, CRM Plus, Creator Plus, Finance Plus and People Plus.

Zoho Application Bundle Prices and Apps included – comparison table

Please scroll across to see the full table. Last updated November 2020 – prices and packages may have since changed

AppIndividual App PriceZoho One (All Employees)Zoho One
(Per Employee)
Zoho CRMPlusZoho CreatorPlusZoho WorkplaceZoho Finance PlusZoho RemotelyZoho People Plus
Monthly fee£30.00£70.00£40.00£32.00Fr £2.40per Org (inc 10 Users) £119Free til 1 Dec 20£6.50
Business Intelligence and Analytics
Fr £18 (inc 2 users)YesYesYesYes
Remote Support
Fr £7YesYesYes
Event Management
Fr £59YesYes
Entry level CRM
Fr £5YesYes
Online Scheduling and Booking
Fr £12 (inc 4 Staff)YesYes
Fr £6 (per org inc 2 Users)YesYesYes
EMail Marketing
Fr £2 (500 emails, 250 Contacts)YesYesYes
Collect Payments
Fr £9 (per org)YesYesYes
Team Communication
Fr £0.72YesYesYesYesYesYes
ECommerce Websites
Fr £16 (5k Products)
Team Collaboration
Fr £20 (inc 25 users)YesYesYes
Low Code Application Development
Fr £8YesYesYes
Customer Relationship Management
Fr £10YesYesYes
Customer Service and Ticketing
Fr £10YesYesYes
Expense Gathering and Reporting
Fr £4YesYesYesYes
App integration and Workflows
Fr £6.66 (per org)YesYesYes
Data Collection
From £6.33YesYes
Inventory Management
Fr £30 (per org)YesYesYes
Online Invoicing
£6 (per org)YesYesYes
Interactive Remote Assistance using AR
Fr £11YesYesYes
Secure Business Email
Fr £3.20YesYesYes
Marketing Automation
Fr £16 (1000 leads per month)YesYes
Video Conferencing and Webinars
Fr £6.34YesYesYesYes
Note Taking
Business Workflow Automation
Fr £7YesYes
Conversion Optimisation and Personalisation
Fr 14 (3 projects)YesYes
Human Resources
Fr £0.66YesYesYes
Project Management
Fr £14.40 (inc. 6 Users)YesYesYesYes
Fr £16.67YesYesYes
Online live chat and tracking
Fr £14 (inc 3 users)YesYesYes
Online training
Fr £4.66 (inc. 10 attendees)YesYesYesYes
Digital Signing
Fr £8YesYesYes
Website Builder
Fr £3.20 (per site)YesYes
Social Media and Brand Management
Fr £8 (inc 2 users)YesYesYesYes
Agile Project Management
Fr £8.33 (inc 12 users)YesYesYes
Subscription Management
Fr £30 (per org)YesYesYes
Online Surveys
Fr £20YesYesYes
Password Management
Fr £0.90YesYesYes
File Management and Office Suite
Fr £1.60YesYesYesYes
Application Based Artificial Intelligence