What is a Cloud Service BrokerCloud Service Broker (CSB) a new service for a new technology! If you are  looking to move to the Cloud but don’t know where to start you need a Cloud Service Broker (CSB).

Using a Cloud Service Broker allows you to hit the ground running in your search to utilise cloud technology to maximise the potential of your business.

A Cloud Service Broker will help you analyse your current systems, work out what can be moved to the Cloud and build the integration to allow ‘on-site’ legacy systems and processes to work with your online cloud based systems and processes.

As a Cloud Service Broker Relativity is ideally placed to help you make the transition.  Over the years we have moved from a traditional ‘onsite’ consultancy developing and implementing onsite systems and processes to a Consultancy that implements 90% in the cloud, yes we still have clients who can’t make the move.

We work with all the main players in the Cloud arena. For Email and Collaboration we like to use Google and Microsoft.  For CRM we look to work with Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Capsule CRM, CallPro. We don’t stop there if you are a niche business with specific needs we can look to find the best CRM system for you. Of course one of our jobs as a CSB is to take these ‘vanilla’ applications and make them work the way you do.  And if you need Accounting or Project Management then thats not a problem either.

Still not sure if the Cloud is for you, read our What is the Cloud series to understand the benefits you could be missing, if you want to discuss the benefits then get in touch.