Is this the re-newed start of the Mobile Phone – Tablet hybrid?  On the face of it the Galaxy Note is an impressive beast, bigger than a mobile phone but smaller than a tablet. The TV adverts that go with it create a desire Apple themselves would be pleased with but is the early hype sustainable.

We have seen a number of tablets/phones around this size come and go over the last few years, this is the first that seems to be making it past the anorak stage and going main stream with 5 million units being sold in just 6 months.

I have yet to use one in anger but to me it seems the ideal size for now, and with the pen input (thinks back to Palm Pilot days!!!) it gives me the best of both. My current Motorola Xoom  is great for media consumption, email catch up and surfing when not at my desk but it does not quite get there for things link note taking and quick to do lists.

The web is full of rumours that the next iPhone will scale up to the same sort of form factor and with the fanbois fan base this size product will come alive.

On the other hand the  Asus Padfone, which has been a long time coming but soon to hit these shores gives you the best set up of them all, transforming into the form factor that you need for the job you are doing.  At it’s smallest its of Mobile phone size, this is the brains of the system, need a tablet then slip it into the caddy on the back of the dumb tablet screen and you have a 10.1 inch tablet, finally need a keyboard slip the tablet into the keyboard accessorie and you have the perfect netbook, much like the Asus EeePad Transformer Prime . I had a concern with this setup of how you make/receive a phone call whilst using the Tablet/Netbook setup, would it mean wearing a Blue tooth headset all the time?, however Asus thought of this issue and have been clever by making the stylus a little larger and turning it into a hand set, very intuitive.

I think the Padfone form will be the winner in the future, but thats long term, the next couple of years are for the Hybrid, a small following initially but growing steadily.