Zoho Social is the simple way to manage your brand on social media. This social media management tool will allow you to grow and expand your presence on all platforms from a single interface. You will be able to schedule your content to be published, see what people are saying about your brand as well as measuring how successful your social media presence is. In the latest post from Relativity, the business technology specialists based in East Sussex, we look at this popular marketing tool from Zoho. We consider the benefits, features and how you can create a publishing schedule to reach your audience at the best possible times.

Benefits of Zoho Social

  • Schedule unlimited posts
  • Monitor what is happening
  • Create custom reports
  • Analyse social media performance
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Generate custom reports


Create a publishing schedule

Quite simply, you want to post at the times when your audience will be reading your article or post. With this app from Zoho, you can Schedule a Specific Date and Time. You will be able to plan, schedule and publish easily and effortlessly with just one window.


Publishing Options:

  • Publish Now
  • Schedule a Specific date
  • Add to Queue
  • Choose a Smart IQ Slot

Customise and optimise your content

With Zoho Social, your content can be customised for the various social media networks with the built-in power editor as well. Posts will go live when your readers are watching. And if you are not sure when to post, Zoho does that for you by providing a list of the ‘best times’ to engage with your audience. You will then get performance insights with data on the stories you have produced, clicks and engagement. Content can also be optimised by managing hashtags, including @ mentions, and short URLs.

Features of Zoho Social

  •  Graphics, images and videos in a central repository – upload content from various cloud services
  • Set ‘Repeat’ to send content out periodically – on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Track the click journey for the URLs you use – manage and set Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters
  • Pause button to instantly stop all scheduled postings – resume when you are ready


How can Relativity help you to maximise your social media presence?

If you are looking to enhance your social media efforts, get to know your audience better and optimise your social media strategy, look no further than Zoho Social. You will be able to stay organised and ensure that your readers have a steady stream of content. And with the publishing schedule, engaging posts will be going out, even when you are on holiday. Call us on 01825 280123 or email info@relativity.co.uk for more information on Zoho Social and the other Zoho apps.