Online Backup

Do you backup, monthly, weekly, daily or even minute by minute.

What would happen if your computer got damaged or stolen, could you continue with your business, what would the cost be to replace the missing data and the clients you may loose?.  Whilst you may be using cloud based email services this does not protect all those word documents and spreadsheets that sit on your computer.

Lets assume you do back up, how often and do you remove the backup from your premises, what happens if there is a fire and your PC and Backup is destroyed. We visit lots of client who, when we ask the question do you backup take out the USB drive sitting in the desk draw.

Online Backup is the ideal solution to make sure you are backed up and the data is well away from the rest of your operation, you can run backups as often as you require and as they are all off site if you do loose your data you can be sure that its stored safely off site and accessible from anywhere you can access the internet.

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