Business Technology Strategy

We often find that business people are very good a building and executing a business plan, they know everything about their industry and their business, but there are often two things they forget.

Business Technology in the Business Plan

Often technology is lost as just a tool for a business, but the business technology world is constantly changing.  Businesses that embrace this change allow them to grow an advantage over those competitors not looking at technology.  But looking after and implementing technology in your business is not your core business and it certainly does not make you money directly.  We work with numerous clients helping them implement technology into  their business and aligning it to their business plan.  This service can be a light touch through irregular meetings etc or more formal and integrated through our virtual CTO service.

Process Process Process

You get the most out of you investment in technology when it is part of the process, but too many times we see technology outside the main part of the process or worse running in parallel. We help clients build, develop and monitor the business process, than manual hands on part as well as the automated business technology process, making sure its implemented correctly and integrated as much as possible. This service is offered through our general business consultancy.