Android Apps

We’ve been playing with our Android phones and tablets in our spare time using Basic4Android to develop some simple applications for proof of concepts.

Mark Up and Margin

This is a simple app for calculating sales data based on the input values you have. It works with four fields: purchase price, sales price, margin, and markup.

For example, entering a purchase price of 10 and a markup of 10% (such as for tax) gives a sale price of 11 and a profit margin of 9.09 percent.

Mark Up and Margin saves you the time and trouble of doing the math in your head and is helpful for both buying and selling merchandise.

Mark Up and Margin can be downloaded from the Android Market.

Look Cover Write

This app uses the same principle as used in UK primary schools to teach children to spell.

The user can set a list of 10 words, the child can then look at each word, cover/hide it and then write the word before finally checking it.

There are options to have the app Say the word as well as showing it or to make it harder the app can just say the word.

Mark Up and Margin can be downloaded from the Android Market.