Broken Laptop? No worries I had Cloud Services

Today I had that day we all dread, my Laptop failed on me. A few years ago this would have filled me with panic.  When was the last time I backed up, did it work and where is it!!! Where are my application CD’s and on top of that where are the Licence Keys!!!.  Hours later with beads of sweat running down my forehead I may have had my system back up and running and if I was lucky I may have lost only a days worth of work.

Today, however was a different story, my only fret was how to get my old museum piece of a PC and its screen sitting on my desk nicely :-).  The situation was all different because of the adoption of cloud services.

So who do I have to say thank you to.

Thanks to Google Apps for Business I could carry on reviewing a client proposal, making edits and changes as needed and keep track of time spent on client projects in my project spreadsheets. I was also able to book client visits in my calendar of course send and review all of my emails.

Thanks to Dropbox, which was already on my PC, all my ‘legacy’ work files were synchronised should I need to work on them.

Thanks to Wave I could invoice my clients and do a little financial reconciling.

Thanks to Capsule CRM I could track and chase up my sales pipeline and leads.

Thanks to Zoho Creator I could finish developing the online database and CRM Integration project for a client that I had started last week.

Thanks to Hootsuite and Feedly I was able to keep up with my social media and news feeds.

Thanks to Any.Do I did not forget the tasks I had scheduled for today.

And finally thanks to the Chrome browser which was the only application I needed on my old PC to access all these systems.

All of these Cloud Services meant I could just log into each service and carry on as though nothing had happened.

So what’s my job tomorrow, oh yes buying a new laptop so I can get rid of this museum piece off my desk.


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