We are pleased to announce that Relativity is now a member of the Wave Pro Network.

Since starting the business in 1995 I have battled with accounting packages, wanting a simple, easy to use system but one that caters for business needs, invoicing etc.  I have been through a number of packages but it was not until I came across Wave Accounting that I was happy. Wave gives me everything I need, at its simplest, Invoicing, Expense and Debtor & Creditor tracking, with dashboards to easily see the state of play. I’d pay for the service but Wave is actually free, using an advert model to pay for the service.  When I first saw mention of the advert model it filled with me dread but it actually is very minimal with a small ad box. We are so happy with the product that we became a member of its Pro Network so we can help our clients to realise the potential of this product.

See our Wave Page or take a trip on the Wave direct.