Choosing the most suitable email collaboration software will be a game changer for your company. Managing emails can be a real challenge for departments. Do you feel that email inboxes are getting more and more cluttered? And do you really know who in your team is working on what? Do you have emails with long threads that have become more and more convoluted? So convoluted that you have completely lost track of what is going on because so many people have been copied into it? In this article from Relativity, the business technology specialists located in East Sussex with worldwide clients, we look at email collaborative software in more detail. We discuss what it is, its ‘must have’ features and nine benefits it will bring.

Fifty plus years of emails

Can you believe that the email has been with us for over fifty years? In 1971, Ray Tomlinson, an American computer programmer invented and developed electronic mail. It is certainly a means of communication that today is indispensable. And here the salient work is ‘communication’ as it was meant for that and not collaboration. It was originally designed for individuals to use. So that said, today, what is required is a collaboration platform that is built around email.  Inbox software whereby multiple users can access, use and collaborate on email and tasks. Today it is essential that your company has collaborative work amongst team members.

What is email collaboration software?

It helps you easily delegate tasks, speed up response times, and work smarter as a team.

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Email collaboration software combines email with collaborative features to streamline communication and unify team operations.


Collaborative email is a type of email inbox software that multiple people can access and use and collaborate on email and tasks.


Benefits of email collaboration software

  1. Centralised communication on one platform
  2. Transparent and organised workflows
  3. Improved productivity
  4. Organised inbox
  5. Prevents important information being missed
  6. Reduces time spent tracking information
  7. Streamlined project management
  8. Improved client-customer relationships
  9. Teams are productive anywhere, anytime

Must have features in email collaboration software

It does need to be simple and yet sophisticated, as you will have multiple users. You also don’t want them to have to undertake masses of training.

  • Auto refreshing of screens in real time
  • Audit trail for accountability – deleting, archiving and marking emails as spam etc.
  • Capacity for private discussions within an email thread
  • Seamless integration with other apps
  • A pricing model that suits your budget

How can Relativity help you overcome the challenges of emails?

If you want to make the most of your inbox, you do need email collaboration software. It will be advantageous and benefit your sales, finance, customer support and marketing teams, in fact most departments. If you are looking to digitally transform your company with email software that allows for communication and collaboration, contact Relativity. Call us on 01825 280123 or email