As 2021 draws to a close, have you made any New Year business resolutions? It’s the time of year when it is natural to look ahead, hopefully with feelings of optimism. We often make personal resolutions, which might involve losing weight, stopping smoking, getting fitter and having a better work-life balance. However, you could also set New Year business resolutions, perhaps better referred to as goals. These could include how you can refresh and move forwards. Don’t be put off if you set goals for 2021, which didn’t all come to fruition – it certainly wasn’t the easiest of years. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to reflect and decide what you would like to do differently including implementing new strategies and ways of working. In our last article of the year, Relativity, the business technology specialists based in Uckfield, East Sussex, looks at some New Year business resolutions that could bring success to your company over the coming twelve months.

Changes that will impact positively on your business

  • Update your business plan – this is critical to your success
  • Refresh your marketing plan – what worked and what didn’t
  • Build or update your website – ensure it is mobile-friendly
  • Expand your network through social media
  • Boost your digital presence
  • Outsource tasks to free up your schedule
  • Learn how to delegate
  • Develop a strong company culture
  • Discover automation opportunities

Look at your business plan and marketing strategy

Most of us make a business plan when we start our businesses. But when did you last look at it? The beginning of the year is a great time to revisit and update it to include your latest marketing plans, financials and goals. Closely linked is looking at the marketing you did in 2021 and see what worked and what didn’t. By understanding this, your marketing budget can be used in areas that should be productive and bring the best ROI. 

Make sure people notice your company

Your website is arguably your biggest marketing tool, so make sure it is current and up to date. If your old site has been in operation for some time, it may be time to build another one. It’s also imperative that it’s mobile-friendly. A company blog is a great way of keeping you in the spotlight and it will help with rankings too! Digital presence must be a priority and one of your New Year business resolutions.

Outsourcing, delegating and using digital tools

Are you responsible for everything that goes on in your business? Yes! That may have been OK when you started out, but as you grow, it’s time to outsource the things that you struggle with the most. Your time is valuable, so don’t use it doing administrative or accounting work that a freelancer could do or software could handle. Also, learn how to delegate.

Success is based on teamwork

Don’t forget your employees. A team that feels appreciated and respected will be a lot more productive. You could even ask them what changes they would like made.

Develop automation opportunities

In order to streamline your business to make it more efficient, automation is key and there is an array of software tools and resources available to you. Technology will certainly make your life easier, so look for areas of your business that can be automated. This includes accounts, managing inventory, customer service, marketing and sales. Automation will reduce the occurrence of manual errors and give your team more time to do the things you employed them for.

How can Relativity help you with your New Year business resolutions?

As business technology specialists, we hope your plans revolve around automating processes, which will lead to more efficiency and time and cost savings. You will need to think about areas that require automation, the scalability needed, how much support you need and of course your budget. Relativity, the business technology specialists based in Uckfield are here to help. If you would like to talk to us please call on 01825 280123 or email for more information.

We hope you keep your New Year business resolutions on track and wish you a successful and healthy 2022.   

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