Simply imagine getting all the software you need to run your business from a single company, just like you get all the channels from a particular TV provider. You just pay for the bundle. Well, Zoho One does exactly that, a single bundle for your business software and it’s available at a great price.

July 2017 – Zoho One Is Launched

In July 2017, Zoho launched its software suite, Zoho One, which is an all-in-one suite to run your entire business. With Zoho One, you can have all of Zoho’s integrated applications on one account, which means access to more than 35 apps. You have complete administrative control at a price that will literally blow you away!

The All-in-One Suite

You also get complimentary mobile and native versions with the 35 integrated (see below for the full list), online applications along with many extensions and extras. Zoho describes all applications as being fully-featured, enterprise editions, so that you have everything you need to grow sales, market your business, do your accounting, communicate with teammates and customers, and much more.

The suite comes with many benefits:

  • Secure
  • No long lists of passwords
  • Complete control over business data
  • Run your business more efficiently
  • Run all aspects of your business


By combining all the apps in one central place, your account is more secure and you won’t need different passwords for each application. You will have control over your business data so that if you have a SME, you can run all aspects of the operation. It also means that each of your employees can have their own login.

Why Is Zoho One So Inexpensive?

Zoho One is really competitively priced because you are not paying for every single app, but a bundle or package of applications. The main man, Zoho’s Chief Evangelist, Raju Vegesna sees the pricing as revolutionary, giving smaller organisations a real break as they have access to all the software they need. It’s convenient and just simplifies the pricing as it’s just one package and you just have one cloud service provider to deal with and one invoice.

A Concept Introduction

Raju Vegesna says, “This is not just a product introduction. It is a concept introduction. A concept where we are saying you can run an entire business on one operating system. This, we believe is the future of business software.”

What To Do Next

If you think that Zoho One could be the future of business software and what your business needs, please get in touch with Relativity, based in Uckfield and working with businesses throughout Sussex and Kent. Our helpful and knowledgeable team will be delighted to discuss your options, so call us today on 01825 280123.

Get a free trial of Zoho One, sign up on the European Servers here or the US Servers here

Zoho One includes enterprise editions of:-

CRM: A multichannel approach to modern sales processes
Motivator: Improve sales performance through gamification
Reports: A business intelligence platform that provides useful insights about your business
ContactManager: A small business app to manage your contacts and deals until you’re ready for a CRM
Sites: Get beautiful websites up and running in minutes

SalesIQ: Engage website visitors and convert them into customers
Campaigns: Create, send, and track effective email campaigns
Social: Post content, interact with followers, and monitor conversations across social networks, from one place
Survey: Make informed decisions using feedback from surveys
Forms: Build forms for lead generation and customer engagement

Desk: A multi-channel help desk that helps you prioritize support requests and make customers happy
Assist: Troubleshoot customer issues remotely for quick resolutions

Productivity & Collaboration
Mail: Securely hosted, ad-free email for your business
Cliq: Quick and informal messaging for better team communication
Connect : A private social network for team discussion and sharing resources
Writer: A slick online word processor for collaborative work
Sheet: A collaborative cloud spreadsheet so powerful you’ll wonder why you didn’t leave your desktop app earlier
Show:- Create beautiful slide decks with ideas from multiple collaborators
Showtime: Present slide decks to audiences anywhere and interact with them. Works with PowerPoint too
Docs: Store and share files and documents with teammates, partners, vendors, or customers
Projects: Plan, track, and collaborate on projects across teams to get things done
Meeting: Browser-based web conferencing to do demos and presentations without breaking a sweat
Vault: Securely store and manage your teams’ passwords
Notebook: A beautifully simple note-taking app to keep your life in order
Sign: Sign documents digitally and request signatures

Books: Intuitive online accounting software to track the health of your business
Invoice: Get paid faster with professional invoices that reflect your brand
Subscriptions: Bill your customers on a recurring or subscription basis
Expense: Turn receipts into expense reports for quick approvals
Inventory: A centralized inventory management system for distributed sales channels like retail store, online shop, or marketplaces like Amazon or eBay
Checkout: Simple one-time and recurring online payments solution

Human Resources
People: A central place to manage your employees, including managerial approvals, performance management, and more
Recruit: Find new talent to grow your company. Designed for both in-house recruiters and staffing agencies

Business Process
Creator: Turn unique processes into custom applications with our rapid development platform
Reports: A business intelligence platform that provides useful insights about your business