Before iPhone 5 (or 4s depending on the report you read) is released we will see the iOS5 update.  Its quite an update looking to bring some of the features from the Android OS over to the iOS hardware.  You can find a run down of the features on the Apple web site here.

The major feature updates I am looking forward to include:

  • Wi-fi Syncing: This still is to your PC/Mac but its a single solution, with Android you have to put several, albeit simple, systems in place to sync your music, contacts etc.  the iOS5 solution does everything you would normally plug into your PC/Mac to do thats a major step forward.
  • Notification Center: this has always been an issue as far as I am concerned with the notices coming up on screen preventing you going any further until you cleared them, the Android notification bar is a much better implementation and this is borne  out by the the fact that Apple have implemented it in much the same way as Android.
  • Reminders: This is a major one, more for my wife and her mum than me, they both used to have a Psion 5 (remember those!!!) and loved the note/list making app and the flexibility that it had, whilst Android and iOS have literally hundreds of third party apps to implement the feature they both never got to grips with them.  This new app may over come it for them but for me I still have an issue of pen and paper being much simpler. Best of all for me is that iOS works on 3Gs so I don’t have to fork out for a new phone for my wife 🙂
the iOS5 release is imminent and will be support on iPhone 3GS and 4, iPod touch 3rd and 4th Gen, iPad and iPad 2
What do you think are the killer features.