Human Resources software can help you to better manage personnel needs and support the development of your employees. Using old computer programs and keeping paper records are now outdated and if you haven’t already done it, you should be upgrading to a HR software system.

However, choosing the right software can be overwhelming and will be dependent on certain criteria including the industry you are involved with, the number of employees you have and of course the amount you want to pay. However once established, it will simplify your human resources, payroll and employment management tasks. In this article from Relativity we define HR management software, outline the advantages, the questions you should be asking before deciding and introduce you to Zoho People.

What is HR Management software?

HR has an important role to play in the success of all businesses and as you grow, the capabilities of your software solutions should also grow. Human Resources software is a digital platform that allows companies to manage key tasks and processes including employee personal data, keeping track of employee daily working hours and monitoring holidays and leave. The software will also make benefits administration, performance management and the hiring of employees much easier. 

  • Manage personnel-focused tasks
  • Applicant tracking – job postings
  • Benefits administration
  • Rota and shift planning
  • Performance management

The programs will manage most of your human resources record keeping including payroll and employee records.

Advantages of cloud-based Human Resources software

  • Information is stored in 1 hub
  • Cost savings and cost effectiveness
  • More time efficient
  • Accurate insights for strategic decisions
  • Boost employee morale
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Compliance with company rules and procedures
  • Better security of employee information

Without a system in place, your staff will be wasting time carrying out trivial and repetitive tasks including data entry. Errors can be prevented as less data is entered manually and a reduction in mistakes will save you money.

Which companies will benefit from Human Resources software?

All companies will benefit from Human Resources software including those with a large number of staff as the greater the numbers, the more chance of human error. Businesses that have limited office space will find the migration helpful as filing cabinets become redundant. It will also be efficient for those working from home. Businesses that employ seasonal staff will find it extremely beneficial.

Questions to ask before choosing your Human Resources software?

  • Will the system meet my budget including set up and ongoing costs?
  • Will it make HR more efficient and effective?
  • Can it grow as my company grows?
  • Is the system flexible with good options available?
  • Does the software provider offer good customer support – easily contactable so that any issues can be resolved quickly?
  • Does it have the features I need?

Ensure the system has the features you want including recruitment automation, leave and time-off requests, onboarding, employee exits and performance management.

Zoho People

The answer from Zoho is Zoho People, a cloud based solution that is suitable for businesses of all sizes. The system features leave management, attendance management, time tracker, employee self-service, form customisation and a lot more. It’s a non-intrusive, robust and easy to use HR software and integrates with Zoho Recruit.

How can Relativity help your business with its HR software?

HR software makes real sense for business of all sizes, as it’s cost effective, streamlining business operations and offers solutions that are flexible and can be customised. However research is key and you will need to do your homework, as every platform is different and you will want a system that has the features you need. If you would like to talk to the business technology specialists at Relativity, please call on 01825 280123 or email for more information.

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