How To Create An Effective Paid Marketing Campaign

An effective paid advertising campaign is needed to tap into the huge potential that paid channels offer. Irrespective of your particular goal, such as creating more brand awareness or discovering new customers, social media is a super place to advertise. Last time we looked at why you should use paid marketing and why it makes a lot of sense. And this time Relativity, the business technology specialists based in East Sussex, examines how to create an effective paid advertising campaign.

Key points for creating an effective paid marketing campaign 

  • Define your goals/objectives – what results are you looking to achieve?
  • Know your target audience – demographics, interests etc.
  • Decide which platform you want to advertise on? Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn, TikTok etc.
  • Plan your campaigns
  • Create the content for your advertisements – written copy, images, video etc.
  • Analyse your competitors
  • Review your results – check how your campaigns are doing
  • Set your budget 

Define your goals and know your target audience 

When creating an effective paid marketing campaign, It is important to consider your advertising goals, which could range from increasing and developing brand awareness. You might also want to get more people to view your site and here you can decide if you are targeting an active audience that will engage with your posts or one that is more passive. If you need more reinforcement of who your target audience is, you could introduce targeted market research such as surveys where you can discover more about your audience. And of course one of the most common objectives is to see growth in sales and profits. 

What social media channels should you choose? 

When thinking about the platform/s to use, knowing your audience is crucial. Research the different platforms and look at the statistics regarding who uses it. Be aware that all the social media platforms have their own personalities. LinkedIn works well for B2B enterprises and is super for sharing company information including what your business does well. Twitter is great for live chat and trending topics. You can also check the platforms your competitors are using and see what’s working for them and perhaps what isn’t working. 

How can Relativity help you create an effective paid marketing campaign?

It’s clear that paid advertising works, irrespective of whether you are just starting up or you are looking to grow your business. Once you have created a paid marketing campaign, you do need to carefully choose the best channels. With almost 200 social media platforms, we hope we have given you some pointers in selecting what’s best for your business. However, if you are just starting up, concentrate on one channel and do it well before you start opening others. Launching multiple channels at once is time consuming and of course can be expensive, so always keep in mind your available resources. For more information, call Relativity on +44 1825 280123 or email