Zoho Desk will enable you to efficiently manage your customer support activities. It is designed for all sizes of business and is easy to use. Zoho Desk addresses customer service challenges in real time. Our last article talked about customer feedback surveys, social media monitoring, community forums and Short Message Service (SMS). Before that we discussed other client support tools in detail including email automations, Chatbots, live chat and FAQs. This time we look at the key features of Zoho Desk, what people are saying about Zoho Desk and how we can help you.

Features of Zoho Desk

  • Prioritise, manage and close your customer support tickets
  • Create a Help Desk solution for your team
  • Provide a Help Centre
  • Manage contracts and service level agreements
  • Create standard and customised reports
  • Customise your desk

Ticket management

You will be able to check customer requests across channels, brands, products, departments and more, all in one place. Irrespective of the channel of communication, your customers choose, you will be available for them. This can be via email, telephone, social media, live chat and more.

Help is available to the DIY customer

Customer self-service capabilities can be embedded into your website and mobile apps within the ASAP plugin. Clients will be able to browse your Knowledge Base, post to interact with your user community and chat with Zia, an AI-powered conversation assistant.

Empower your team and automate repetitive tasks

Using Zoho Desk will improve team productivity, as they will have everything available at their fingertips to collaborate, communicate and secure customer relationships. Processes can be managed efficiently and effortlessly with repetitive activities automated to save time, effort and costs.

Analyse team performance and customise

It’s key to know what is working and what isn’t and take action. Reports and visualisations can be created to monitor your team’s performance. You will also know how long tasks take, which will help with invoicing clients. Your help desk can also be customised so that it matches your brand personality.

Offer help to your customers securely

With Zoho Desk, customer data will be protected whilst giving your team all the information they need.

  • Roles – define your company hierarchy for better data flow
  • Profiles – specify access for various roles
  • Data Sharing – control who can access data within each module
  • GDPR – stay compliant
  • Field Level Security – define who can view and modify data

What are people saying about Zoho Desk?

“Zoho Desk is the most full-featured help desk you can buy for the money. It is at the top of our help desk list for one very simple reason: it has an Impressive list of features and the most competitive price on the market.”

PC Magazine

“Zoho Desk offers an omnichannel ticketing system that is equipped with agent collaboration and productivity tools to make customer support processes faster and more efficient. It is recommended for start ups and small support teams looking for free support solutions with self-service and SLA features. It also offers scalable paid plans suited for growing companies and enterprises.”

Fit Small Business

“Should you invest in this help desk platform? If you have a growing business and want to develop a solid customer support system – the answer is YES. Our comprehensive review proved that Zoho Desk is an amazing platform where you can service your stakeholders better. Bye-bye bad customer service.”


How can Relativity help you with Zoho Desk?

Zoho Desk is web-based help desk software, which is available for FREE for up to three agents and scalable as you grow. It is feature rich to increase the productivity of your team. Customisation will allow you to determine the most suitable page layouts and you will have the capabilities to add fields, create tabs and edit templates to suit your business. To find out more about managing your customer support activities with Zoho Desk, call Relativity, the business technology specialists on 01825 280123 or email info@relativity.co.uk for more information.

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