Google Email Update

Google Email has announced a new update to their browser email user interface.  On a daily basis we are seeing more and more email in our inboxes, I do not know about you but I would hazard a guess that your important conversations are more and more on Instant Messaging (Google+, Skype etc) and email is more and more about one off keeping in touch. So this latest update to Google Email could be a blessing.

Google Email has had a priority inbox for a while, this brings what it considers emails with a higher importance to the top of your inbox, Google being Google it allowed you to improve the identification as time went on. This new release (due in the next few weeks) groups your emails into ‘types’ and separates them out into Tabs. Now you can have a Tab for all your Social Emails, Your Offers and your Updates as well as a Primary Tab for those emails that do not fit into that category, again you can move emails around so that the system understands how you want to see it.  Heres a demo

Whats more as you can see from the video, the Tabs are coming to an Android phone near you soon!!.  Whilst the interface is rolling out over the next few weeks you may be able to get to it quicker by keeping an eye out for a config option under the gears menu.

Google Apps for Business Admin App.

In a much quieter announcement Google have also delivered an Android app to allow you to perform simple Google Apps administration on the go.  Its really simple to use for those moments when you need to add a new user or reset a password.  I only have two niggles, firstly its not available on everything yet, it works fine on my Galaxy S2 but not my Nexus 7. And also we are Google Apps resellers, we can administer our own accounts but not those that we support.

Google Admin is available from the Play Store.