Choosing the right time management software is vital, so what should you consider? There is no denying that it is a valuable solution for recording working times so that clients can be invoiced accurately and the profitability of a job can be assessed as it progresses. It’s true that most time management software is capable of accomplishing basic tasks, but you want a solution that is advantageous to your company. Our last article highlighted four of the benefits of time tracking software and this time we look at considerations. These include the features you need, size of your business, ease of use and how much it will cost you.

What to consider when choosing your tracking software

  • What features do you require?
  • What size is your business?
  • How easy is it to use? Is after sales support offered?
  • How much do you want to spend?

What features do you require?

So, what features are important to you? Create a list of those time management software features that are an ‘absolute must’ as opposed to ‘nice to have’. By doing this, you can start to eliminate some of the programmes that don’t offer what you want. When considering this you can also include integration possibilities, platforms supported, data storage and exporting options.

Does the software fit the size of your business?

The size of your business is an important factor in determining the solution you need. Time tracking tools are available to suit freelancers, small businesses with up to 50 employees, medium companies up to 250 and larger corporates. Therefore carefully consider what you are doing, your specific and unique challenges and how you track time. But don’t forget the next step! If you are pretty sure it’s the right software for the size of your business now, check out the scalability. You might want to invest in time management software that can accommodate a larger team in the future.

Is the time management software straightforward to use?

Managing time shouldn’t be time consuming! Otherwise, you are defeating the purpose of having it. You don’t want to spend a lot of time learning programmes and getting to grips with the features. Basic features should be clearly laid out and only a couple of clicks away. An intuitive and user-friendly interface is extremely important so that everyone can learn how to use it quickly. And that’s also good if you take on new staff. It’s therefore important to ‘try before you buy’ to make sure your team feels comfortable using it and it really fits your requirements.

What is your budget?

If you are currently using a free programme such as a spreadsheet, you will need to know how much you can afford. This will help to determine what is actually realistic and you can compare the features and capabilities. If you are using a business technology consultant, make sure they are totally upfront with how much it will cost you.

How can Relativity help you with time management software?

When deciding on your time tracking software, consider carefully your requirements and your expectations. It should be relatively straightforward to use with a number of basic and more advanced features to meet your needs, and of course affordable. You need the right tool that suits your company’s requirements in order to facilitate quality work and eliminate time consuming less important and trivial tasks. Call Relativity, the business technology specialists on 01825 280123 or email for more information.

Next time we will be looking at Zoho Projects in more detail and whether it’s right for your business.