Dropbox for BusinessDo you use Dropbox for Business in your business, if you do here comes a welcome update.  Dropbox for Business differs to the ever so popular Personal Dropbox in that it allows centralised administration of users.  Whilst the clients I have who use Dropbox for Business have made great use of it, there has always been a few of things lacking. This new release fixes some of these issues.

Co-Existing Personal and Dropbox For Business Accounts

Most people who use Dropbox for Business also have a personal Dropbox for their personal life.  Using the online app switching between the two accounts was easy. However with the Desktop Dropbox it was impractical to try and have both running at the same time.  With the new release of Dropbox for Business you will be able to have both a Business and a Personal Account on your desktop.  When the new dropbox rolls out users will be able to login to two accounts and see two Dropbox folders on their desktops.  Each Dropbox folder will be clearly identified as Personal and Business.


With the current admin system you are able to perform basic auditing of sharing. In my opinion there was never enough granularity in this audit. The new release brings increased visibility and control and is a very welcome feature.

Remote Wipe

Whilst remote wipes were always possible depending on how you set up your file structure, the new Dropbox for Business gives administrators improved functionality to perform remote wipes.  The remote wipe will include whole accounts or just individual devices and PC’s attached to an account, great for lost/decommissioned devices.

Account Transfer

Also another burden for Administrators were the high staff turnover companies.  Moving data from one account to another could be time consuming unless you structured your filing system with this in mind from the start. However, just as with the remote wipe,  admins will no longer have to consider  this at the initial setup, as Dropbox for Business will now allow admins to easily move files from one user to another.

This is a great update to an already great product and will start rolling out this month.  I have checked the accounts that we look after this morning but alas as of yet they have not been upgraded.  For more info see  the Dropbox Blog.