Zoho People Plus puts your employees at centre stage and is a one-stop solution for all your Human Resources requirements. This comprehensive suite is designed to digitally transform your HR department, simplifying employee journeys, which are digitalized at every touch point. This integrated and unified recruiting and staffing platform provides a seamless experience without a scrap of paper in sight. In this article from Relativity, the business technology specialists located in East Sussex with worldwide clients, we look at Zoho People Plus in more detail, including the applications included in it and the benefits it would bring to your company.  

What applications are contained in Zoho People Plus?

  • Zoho People – tracks and manages employees
  • Zoho Recruit – tracks staffing and recruiting needs
  • Zoho Connect – team collaboration
  • Zoho Expense – simplifies expense reporting
  • Zoho Vault – password management and storage to safely secure sensitive passwords and share safely with team or external clients
  • Zoho Payroll – pay employees on time every time
  • Zoho Cliq – team communication and collaboration solution

Automatic integration of all the applications controlled by the Admin Panel

All of the above applications are integrated automatically. The Admin Panel carries out all functionalities such as setting up your company, managing the apps in the bundle, adding users, selecting administrators, verifying the domain and managing subscriptions.

Why choose Zoho People Plus?

  • Central database – all applications are automatically updated
  • Simple to administer – one single administrative portal
  • Employee digital experience – self-service solutions for a seamless HR service experience
  • Adaptive and scalable – data can be easily managed as your company expands
  • Easy customisation
  • Active collaboration – between employees and departments
  • Analytics – make smart choices by thoroughly examining the data

Can Zoho People Plus digitally transform your Human Resources department?

If you are looking for a unified recruiting and staffing bundle for your HR department, Zoho People Plus is the answer. This cloud-based software is suitable to cater for the needs of small, medium and large businesses. It offers features that are comparable to some more expensive options. For more information, get in touch with our skilled team at Relativity, an authorised Zoho Partner. We can help to digitally transform the HR department of your company. Contact us on 01825 280123 or email info@relativity.co.uk.