Zoho Sites is a website builder that allows you to build your website instantly without any experience or technical knowledge. In our articles last month, we focused on the benefits of using a website builder and gave you our top tips for choosing a website creator to suit your requirements. This time Relativity, the business technology experts based in East Sussex looks at Zoho Sites to demonstrate its impressive range of features and benefits. We will be highlighting its flexibility and its suitability, particularly for expanding businesses due to its huge range of design options, newsletter support, e-commerce features and analytics tools.

Features of Zoho Sites

  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Elements – add text, audio and video
  • Sections – over 150 pre-designed layouts
  • Shapers – over 25 abstract design layouts
  • Dynamic backgrounds – fix and scroll options

The platform certainly offers superb features and has a well-organised interface as well as a user-friendly code editor. Customisation is straightforward although if you are more technically minded, there are HTML and CSS editors.

Customisation options for your website

  • Responsive website – automatically optimised for mobile devices
  • Auto-save – every few seconds your work is automatically saved
  • Visual Editor – experiment with various visual customisations
  • Page Versions – every page is saved and listed   
  • Message Bar – display announcements, information and cookie notice messages

Captivate readers by embedding audio, video and code snippets

With Zoho Sites, you will have an integrated audio player to upload music and audio files. Videos from YouTube and Vimeo can also be embedded using the embed code from the video source provider. The code snippet element can be used to insert widgets and script from the source providers to your site. Images can be displayed like a photo gallery and the light box will emphasise content on your site. There is also the animation feature to bring elements to life so you can add slide, bounce and fade to your content.

What are the experts saying about Zoho Sites?

“A treasure trove of cool features that will make your website shine”

Website Planet


“Zoho sites is a cloud based website builder that helps anyone create and publish beautiful websites without writing a line of code”



“Zoho Sites is a website builder with responsive templates, powerful blogging tools and other features that optimise your website”

The SMB Guide


“Zoho Sites is one of the rare website creators that won’t break the bank, first and foremost because it is free to create and update, but also because it doesn’t require complex installations and hiring coding professionals”

Finances Online


“The best website builder for big business”



The bottom line with a website built with Zoho Sites

With Zoho Sites, you will be able to build a well designed and functional website, one that reflects your company, services and products. It will certainly look professional and visually appealing. As well as visitors finding it easy to use, it will respond quickly with fast loading of pages. Your website will be optimised for mobile devices and look fantastic on all platforms as well as being optimised for search engines and the social web.

How can Relativity help you with Zoho Sites?

Zoho Sites offers a FREE trial for 15 days after which you can opt for the Starter or Pro packages, both of which come with custom domain hosting, mobile optimisation and SSL certification. Add-ons are available for you to purchase as your company expands including capacity for more members, more web pages, or more contributors. If you would like any help from the experts at Relativity with Zoho Sites or any of the Zoho software solutions, including Zoho Social, Zoho Books or Zoho People, please contact us today on +44(0)1825 280123 or email info