Human Resources (HR) digital transformation (DX) entails processes to become automated and data-driven. The possibilities are broad and exciting and should ultimately be welcomed, as they put people and culture first engaging all employees. It may require a shift in mindset, but it will be worth the effort, bringing an increase in your value as an employee. Here, Relativity, the business technology experts based in East Sussex looks at what HR digital transformation involves, some examples and the benefits for your company. 

What is Human Resources digital transformation?

Traditional HR processes conjure up bulging filing cabinets, endless paperwork and face-to-face communications. Everything from attendance, holidays, payroll, onboarding and performance management involved reams of paper. However, not any more, the digital transformation age means these processes are moved to technology-based systems.

Examples of Human Resources digital transformation

Automation – repetitive tasks such as filling out forms and data entry are automated. Employee time can be used to develop creative ideas and critical thinking, which ultimately is more motivating and productive.

HR Chatbots – help to answer everyday issues so that employees are not needed to address FAQs and queries. Auto-response messages can be generated to instantly address these.

AI-Driven Recruitment – CVs with incorrect formats and information can quickly be discarded reducing the workload for the HR department. AI powered tracking systems can be used with pre-programmed filters based on keywords, experience, education, and skills.

Digital Onboarding – the use of software allows new employees to take their time getting used to the workplace. Structured and strategic onboarding ensures new employees feel welcomed, supported and are equipped to perform well.

On-demand training – employees can learn at a time, pace and a place of their choosing.

People Analytics – data-driven decisions can be made and the effectiveness of HR policies can be assessed. This eliminates any guesswork or gut feelings. Data can be collected to help employees succeed and more motivated and satisfied.

Benefits of Human Resources digital transformation

  • Repetitive processes are automated saving resources and time
  • Employee experience is optimised meeting workforce requirements
  • Data and people data analytics are maximised
  • Recruitment of the top talent
  • Improved communications between employees
  • Generation of information that can influence business decisions

How can Relativity help you transform your HR department?

Getting started with your Human Resources digital transformation will take time and effort. Make sure you establish a clear goal and strategy, and get everyone on board by creating the right culture. To stay ahead, digital transformation for your HR department cannot be considered as optional; it’s a necessity. If you want to transform your Human Resources department, help and information is available from the experts at Relativity. Contact us on 01825 280123 or email

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