Customer experience is key to your business success, after all it is the customer’s overall perception of your business. However, the client’s journey must be a positive one as happy customers become loyal customers and become additions to your sales and marketing team. This is because they are likely to promote your brand and champion your services and products. That of course all sounds quite straightforward, but in practice it is a lot more difficult to achieve due to the many touchpoints with customers.

Here, automation is key and there are lots of tools available with which you can collect feedback, assist customers along their journey and provide a super onboarding experience. In this article from Relativity, the business technology experts based in East Sussex, we look at what the benefits are to you, your team and to your clients.

What is customer experience?

Customer experience is the customer’s perceptions and related feelings caused by the one-off and cumulative effect of interactions with a supplier’s employees, systems, channels or products.


Customer experience, also known as CX, is your customers’ holistic perception of their experience with your business or brand.  


Customer experience consists of every interaction that a customer has with your company from viewing and navigating your website, talking to your customer service team and receiving the product or service.

What is customer experience automation?

Automation involves identifying repeatable tasks across the customer engagement cycle where it can actually be a hindrance to have people managing the process alone. 


Customer experience automation is any technology that assists customers with common tasks, sometimes replacing the involvement of humans, to improve customer interactions.


Benefits of customer experience automation

  • Personalised and consistent experience at every step of the customer journey
  • Automation of simple repetitive tasks
  • Increased team productivity and engagement
  • Round the clock support 24/7 to reduce wait times for customers and to give quick resolutions to any problems
  • Analytics to identify repetitive customer issues and areas that can be improved
  • Lower costs and overheads

When using automation, it is important to note that the human element should never be eliminated and the two should run hand in hand. Lasting customer relationships are built on the personal touch.

What do you get from your customers for delivering an excellent experience?
  • Increased loyalty
  • Better satisfaction
  • More word-of-mouth marketing
  • Increased positive reviews and recommendations
How can Relativity help you so that your clients get a better experience?

It all adds up to the fact that putting the customer first is good for your business, but managing their experience and their expectations can be time-consuming. Automation can certainly reduce this by helping you to understand your customers faster and enabling consistent connection in a cost effective way. However, due to the multiple touchpoints for the customer, it pays to speak to the experts to ensure you have the right automation solution to deliver the best possible customer experience through every component of their journey. Call Relativity, the business technology specialists on 01825 280123 or email

Next time we will be looking at how to choose the right customer experience automation platform so your business delivers the best customer service possible.

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