Are you happy with your desktop email?


You are probably quite familiar with Microsoft Outlook – of course, it’s the largest and best- known email application out there!


However, there are many others – some you may have heard of but some you might not have done.


Here, we wanted to highlight some of the alternatives and outline some of the pros and cons associated with them so that if you are looking for a change you can identify what might work for and compliment your business.




Developed by Mozilla. This is a very advanced programme with excellent privacy and security options. This is considered a great choice for businesses concerned about their personal data. It even has features that Outlook doesn’t support.


It also allows for a lot of customisation which in turn leads to a possible drawback as it is quite complicated to configure and the number of options available may not be required by your business.


eM Client


This is easy to use and integrates with virtually all email accounts. Customisation is relatively straightforward and so it can be set up to be modern or traditional, whichever supports your business profile. It has a built in Calendar and Contacts Manager.


The negatives of this system are really down to the number of features that it supports as these can be quite overwhelming.  Also, technical support is only available with the Pro edition.




This is a highly regarded system and is getting super reviews from individual users and businesses. It has been designed to be as fast as possible and it has an app store so it can be customised to your preferences.


It allows you to personalise it to your requirements; it is very secure and also very social. The latter is made very simple for the user by the addition of third party apps which support Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Lookup and others.


Mailbird is not available for Mac or Linus or for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS.


Sometimes, when there is so much choice, we have a tendency to stay with what we are used to but there may be other email applications that would be more productive and cost effective for your business.


Relativity is based in Uckfield in East Sussex and we are here to help and advise so that you make the right choices for your business. Please contact us today so that you choose the best solution for your company.