So should every CRM system have an AI assistant? CRM systems have become an integral part of the sales processes of businesses and today they can be enhanced by AI technology. CRM tools are becoming evermore intelligent and are offering better sales insights, which help businesses make better decisions in their sales processes. With companies having to deal with more and more data as well as more complicated processes and customer relations, you could say that AI technology is becoming a necessity in CRM systems. In our last article we looked at Zoho Zia, the really smart and very helpful AI tool from Zoho, which doesn’t require any prompting. In this blog from Relativity, the business technology specialists based in Uckfield, East Sussex, we look at why your CRM system ought to have an artificial intelligence assistant and why you should seriously consider only having CRM with this feature.

Sales teams need CRM software and more

CRM software is essential for any business that values their customer relationships. It intelligently stores and manages customer and prospect information helping your marketing team find customers more quickly and boosting your lead volume. And today there is a powerful transformation underway propelled by AI. It seems that companies now want the best CRM systems with AI capabilities.

Why should every CRM system have an AI assistant?

  • Your very own virtual assistant – employees become more productive and efficient
  • Removal of time-consuming admin tasks such as helping to manage calendars, make phone calls, do follow-ups and make notes
  • Group customers according to purchasing behaviour, demographics, preferences, etc.
  • Make your marketing more target oriented
  • Simplify lead management – revolutionising engagement, nurturing and follow-up of leads
  • Make intelligent recommendations on the next course of action
  • Close more sales

Enhance sales intelligence and boost revenue

The last point is the bottom line. By bringing AI and CRM software together, you’ll get infinite information on everything sales. This ranges from price optimisation, forecasting and performance management. There is no getting away from it, both CRM systems and Artificial Intelligence are here to stay and this combination is the best way to enhance sales intelligence and of course boost revenue.

How Relativity can help you with CRM software with an AI assistant

As your business grows and the number of employees you have gets into double digits, you will need a CRM system and we hope we’ve shown you the importance of an AI assistant as the way forward in today’s sales world. Zoho Zia is the Artificial Intelligence AI-powered assistant for Zoho CRM. To learn more about Zoho Zia and whether it would be the right choice for your business, please get in touch with Relativity based in Uckfield, East Sussex. As a Zoho Advanced Partner, Relativity will be able to advise you if Zoho CRM with its AI assistant will streamline your growing business and make it more effective and efficient. Call us on 01825 280123 or email  

We hope we have convinced you why every CRM system should have an AI assistant.

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